These we entrust in the hands of the Lord…

ANDREANI, Anna Maria (+June 16, 2002)

BERNARDO, Sem. John B (+December 20, 2003)
CALCAGNO, Sr. Elena (+October 10, 2014)
DUONG DUC SON, Fr. James (+May 16, 2014)
FRANCISCO, Fr. Agerico (+April 14, 2004)
LEIPHEW, Sr. Venantia
MACALI, Fr. Giuseppe
MARONI, Fr. Alfredo (+April 9, 2007)
NGUYEN, Fr, Anthony Phan Sy
ORAJAY, Sr. Rosita (+March 7, 2017)
PHEW, Sr. Luisa
RIOS GONZALES, Sem. Luis Evello (+July 25, 1990)
SIO, Fr. Nicola (+August 9, 1992)
TEOFILO, Sr. Veronica
VELLAPILLIL, Fr. Antony Biju (+January 2, 2013)
VELASCO, Sr. Remedios (+April 12, 2018)
VILI, Fr. Ta’anu’u Simone (+September 20, 2003)

Madre Ernestina (+July 15)
Madre Elisa

Requiem Aeternam dona eis, Domine;
et lux perpetua luceat eis.
Requiescant in pace!

If you know of any other deceased Missionaries of Faith and not on this Necrology, please send an email to with the name and date of death.  Thank you and God speed!