In religious life and formation, there is always a “new attitude” to look upon; a balance to weigh the external apart from it because of its more essential aspect, the interior journey of faith. This is where you get identified with what you profess from the way you handle each situation to the habit you wear.

Community life revolves in diversity and, as St. Augustine said “is the best mortification” possible for those who are in it. This may bring tensions and difficulties; but also adjoin grace and joy.

This perspective is what makes religious life a difference.  To have in mind that the community’s welfare is far better than your own longings, however good; is more than sufficient to respect others, however different, however inconvenient.  To hold at heart that fidelity to the community as a whole is far more important than your own title, however high your position; is more than sufficient to hold it in esteem, whatever has been decided for you; to accept it with joy to better receive the grace of God.