As recognized by the Church, the initial inspiration is basic in knowing the charism and the spirituality of the Clerical Congregation Missionaries of Faith and to determine its finalities or field of duties in the Church. “Convinced therefore that the ministry – dedicated to help the brethren, priests in particular, to persevere in the Catholic faith and the duties toward it, to vivify ones life of faith if in languish, to retrieve it if astray, to reach the fullness of the profession of faith if partially accepted – be a service of singular advantage for the Church (Decree of Erection, 25th December 1982).

Missionaries, thus, of Faith means men called by God to a mission of permanent importance and actual need: “retrieve, vivify, persevere and reach the full profession of faith.”

All the baptized are ‘missionaries” in virtue of baptismal grace/font. Though those called to this religious family become characterized by it for a specific call and grace to dedicate ones whole life in it forever through the profession of the evangelical vows, and for that faith they are called to live by with such depth to confirm the brethren in it (Cf. December 25, 1982 Decree of the late Joseph Card. SIRI) and commit them in helping the priests in crisis (Cons., C. III, 76) and in the ecumenical action for the unity of all believers in Christ (Cons., C. III, 7c).

Mission and Faith incorporate, characterize and counter distinguish the charism and spirituality of the Congregation and its relative needs of life in the Spirit and of authentic and continuous ascent made concrete in the “total renounce and radical detachment” (Cons., C. II, 4) to be disposed to the needs of Mission and live “in a real and continuous state of filial abandonment to the Father’s will and deep union with Him (Cons., C. II, 5) in Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

From the day it was outlined by the Late Joseph Card. SIRI in the Decree of canonical erection, painful progress and infiltration of incoherent elements and directives have been done to the original charism and the teachings of the Vatican Council II and the Magisterium on Consecrated Life. These elements needed competent discernment on the part of the Church who alone is authorized to declare which charisms and progresses are authentic and which are not (Cf. Gal 1: 18; 2:2). To keep and warrant the authentic charism and the founding spirituality of the clerical Congregation Missionaries of Faith, the Church intervened with her authority coming from Jesus Christ, sole Lord and Savior. After an Apostolic Visit that lasted three years, an Apostolic Legate was first sent to the Missionaries of Faith who then became Pontifical Commissioner to and for all the institutions founded by Anna Maria Andreani and Fr. Luigi Duilio Graziotti.

Not accepting the decisions of the Holy See – Miss Anna Maria Andreani, though she was not a religious but a simply consecrated third order and Rev. Fr. Luigi Graziotti – decided to set themselves aside, aware perhaps that their being instruments in the hands of God reached completion. And as such that we acknowledge them, expressing them our fiery gratitude for all the good received.